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Excursions & Itineraries

Dover Cruise Terminal is one of Britain's busiest and most historic ports and is a great starting point to exploring one of the UK's well loved and internationally famous White Cliffs.

For the time conscious Cruise passenger, the itineraries below will help plan and make the most of your visit to White Cliffs Country.

For those on a day visit with limited time

If you only have 1 hour...

If you only have 1-2 hours…

If you only have 2-4 hours…

Visiting further afield in White Cliffs Country...



The White Cliffs of Dover -  Copyright National Trust

The White Cliffs of Dover

Our iconic coastline



Dover Castle

Discover 2000 years of history


Dover Bronze Age Boat - Copyright Dover Museum

Dover Bronze Age Boat

The world's oldest known sea-going boat


Telephone: 01304 201066


Telephone: 01304 201066    email: